3 signs you may need a gift card programme check up

As we enter the busiest retail period, now could be the time to schedule a gift card program check in. Here are some signs to look for!

1. Are you getting the best out of external distribution channels?

External distribution channels for gift cards are the fastest-growing segment in the gift card industry and represent endless opportunities for brands to extend their brand awareness beyond the limits of a physical or an online store – think loyalty incentives, rewards, employee gifts.

2. How is your Breakage to Redemption Uplift ratio?

5 – 10% gift cards are never redeemed, offering pure profit. But how can you balance this against the ‘redemption uplift’ where you could get a higher average basket value (AOV)? If you’re not seeing the stats you’d expect, that’s a sign!

3. Are you seeing the footfall you expected?

Gift cards are among the top five most popular gifts across Europe and beyond, also a cost-efficient tool for acquiring new shoppers and increasing traffic inside your physical and online stores. If you are not seeing the footfall you expected, there could be smarter ways to target your program.

We are here to help! The gift card solution that connects you to your commercial goals is closer than you think.

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