How to increase gift card sales through employee engagement?

Don’t miss these – 3 ways to get even more from your gift cards.
Even the best retail brands can miss out on what’s right in front of them so here are some smart solutions we’ve seen in the last few months.

1) Offering a gift card in exchange for any product returns. Even giving the option and tying this to your till system is a smart bet! There could be an uplift associated with the gift card option, and it’s well worth considering, as this ensures that the money stays with your business. Having some beautiful cards, an encouraging employee and digital options makes this work really well.

2) Displaying attractive add-ons that would go along with your gift card. It is amazing how many brands could tap into the self gifting space, but don’t include gift cards here. A nicely worded piece of copywriting, advertising a way to get a gift card now for ‘treats for the week before payday’ – as well as the placement of some lower price luxuries can make all the difference in whether they pick up a gift card and how they perceive them as a treat for themselves, not just others.

3) Finally, incentives! A load onto your gift card of £100 in terms of the cost of ad spend to get that could be quickly calculated by your marketing team. What margins do you have to play with to offer an incentive for a gift card, scaling the top ups? If you have high volume gift card sales with low value, you need to try this!

We have plenty more tips for you. We’re a 360 service agency that helps brands execute and manage the right gift card strategy for their business goals. With a team of gift cards experts distributed across Europe and over 35 years of combined gift card experience, we guide our clients each step of the way – from strategy and tech solutions to distribution and sales. Contact us today to find out more!

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