Adjusting your strategy to suit the new environment? Don’t forget your gift cards!

The new year is nearly with us, and many HR and management teams will be ready to deliver new company goals and initiatives.

Your gift card strategy needs to fit in with these too! Here are some of the challenges our clients have already tackled. 

CSR – If your gift cards live purely in the physical form, they have a carbon footprint that may need addressing. We can help you investigate the latest tech in this area. 

Capture a bigger market share – If you need a bigger market share, gift cards can stand at the forefront of this campaign. You can reach new demographics through smart marketing moves or savvy partnerships.

Provide better customer service – If customer apology and retention is part of your strategy, consider how your gift cards can be used as a tool to recoup lost goodwill, or to turn customers into advocates. A simple restyling can present the same card or code in a whole new light. 

There are plenty of other areas to consider – from profits to employee perks. 

The best first step is to talk to us. Ask us anything. We’re waiting for your message!

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