Cool ways to differentiate your gift card programme

As a retailer or brand, you might be stuck on ideas to make your gift card programme even more powerful. Here are some tips you might enjoy!

📦 Think outside the box.
Did you know you can apply uber and ubereats gift cards to previous rides and orders up to 30 days after a ride was taken for personal accounts and up to 60 days for business accounts. This cool hack is a great selling point for customers and even if they’ve just used your services, they still feel that it’s worth getting one of your cards.

🤪 Go quirky!
Greeting card creation company Cardly allows eGift cards to be added to cards – with a QR code to access and use the code when it’s been sent. But try and be sneaky and redeem the code before you’ve paid for the card and you get Rick rolled – sent to a YouTube video of Rick Astley singing. It’s a quirky Easter egg! What little technical tricks could you add to gain virality?

🪢 Tie in your brand values
Did you know you can recycle old electronics to Amazon for Amazon gift cards? By offering gift cards as an incentive for any behaviour, you can get customers seeing how easy they are to use – and you get the sales uplift on any overspend. It’s a win all round!

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