Ensure your customers know you sell gift cards

Your gift card programme only works if it’s getting sales!

Here, we provide our top 5 tips for ensuring your customers know you sell gift cards:

  • 5 in 6 consumers admit to making an impulse purchase in-store, yet many retailers aren’t effectively using the space around their cash register to maximize impulse purchases. Put up signage near cash registers. Did you know sales at the till point are one of the main ways customers learn about gift cards? Make sure your signage or cards are large and easily visible.
  • Add a ‘Gift Cards’ tab to your website and include images and descriptions of the different types of cards you offer and personalisation options / lifestyle imagery of who could receive one, when and how. Use FAQs to overcome objections.
  • Ensure all marketing channels, including social media and email campaigns, highlight your gift card programme periodically, or consistently with new artwork.
  • Add “Gift Cards Available” badges to your website and social media pages and consider making an icon saying this you can use across all your brand material.
  • Your employees are one of the most valuable marketing options you have and can be tasked with sharing your gift card with everyone they encounter – asking about special birthdays etc. The online version of this is a pop up, which can be used at checkout.

We hope you found these tips helpful. If you have any questions or need more assistance getting started with a gift card programme, don’t hesitate to contact us

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