How can Digital Gift Cards improve your Black Friday sales?

Black Friday is right around the corner!

The stakes are high during this weekend, after all – it is a first step into the holiday season.

Various strategies are developed to get the most out of Black Friday sales like mobile friendly websites or improving customer purchase journey, but one extremely effective strategy includes Digital Gift Cards.

How can Digital gift cards improve your Black Friday sales?

  • E – gift cards as a promotion tool: Finding the right gift for the loved ones is becoming harder and harder. Consumers would want to buy something special which won’t be returned later. This is where gift cards come into picture as a gift of choice.
  • Digital Gift Cards to attract customers: Consumers are getting better at finding the best price. Offering a discount to your customer might not be the best strategy but you can offer a gift card as a promotion. This will help you stand out and will bring the customer back to redeem the card, leading to a potential loyal customer.
  • Increase Traffic with Digital Gift Cards: Around holidays, consumers do not spend the same amount in every store. As a brand, you would want them to spend the most on yours and you can do that by giving them leverage. Offer your customers a certain amount of gift card for a certain amount of purchase. This will give them a reason to spend more and increase the average basket size.

It is always a hectic time around the holidays, but a good gift card strategy can bring you the best solutions.

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