How to best leverage Mother's Day to boost Gift Card sales

As Mother’s Day approaches you might wonder what gifts are most likely to hit the mark with your customers as you pull together a promotional email, landing page or promotion.

While you might have some product ideas – don’t forget to use gift cards. A 2022 DSM study showed that 47% of people intended to buy their mum a gift card – beaten only by a greetings card (72%) or flowers (68%.)

For retailers, this represents a huge opportunity.

Gift cards are not only able to be given as a treat that expands your customer base – but can also mean more money in the till for you – as overspend (where the recipient treats themselves by spending more than the value of the card) is a key part of the benefit of a gift card after all!

So, how to best leverage Mother’s Day to boost Gift Card sales? Here are a few ideas that can help. 

  1. Use Mother’s Day as a way to run offers on gift cards

 Mother’s Day is a great occasion to encourage activities mother and daughter can do together. Create deals on your gift cards so the purchaser (the daughter) gets a gift they can spend alongside the recipient. This moves more people to your brand!  They might get a certain value for each purchase, a product as a treat, or a free gift package or wallet. Don’t forget that the design can make or break your gift card being seen as appropriate as a gift or not. Take inspiration from the big brands like Starbucks and Apple who use designs suitable for all situations with art styles for every taste to ensure their cards have ‘till appeal.’


  1. Use gift cards in your advertising to beat choice overwhelm

Choice overwhelm is a real thing. When it comes to Mother’s Day, people are unsure of what gift to pick – so smart retailers know that gift cards should be pitched as a treat that offers a world of opportunity and thousands of choices without any headaches or fears of picking the wrong item.


  1. Show how gift cards are a gift that keeps on giving

While we saw earlier that flowers are a powerful gift choice for many, a gift card represents even greater longevity. You should focus a campaign on the fact that a gift card can:

  Be seen as a memory in her purse for the whole year

  Can be used online/ instore – creating more memories

  Has a long expiry date

  Can be topped up

Or any other unique assets and USPs to your gift card programme.


  1. Mother’s Day is a time when online searches go through the roof

While you’d expect that all those grateful sons and daughters are looking for a gift months in advance, it’s actually very last minute! Consumers use mobile devices 22 percent more often to buy Mother’s Day gifts as opposed to making everyday purchases according to research by InMobi. What does this tell us? Simply, shoppers are needing last-minute ideas! Position your gift card as the ideal last-minute gift that she will love.

While gift cards are powerful all year round, getting on top of the powerful Mother’s Day celebration and being seen as a gift that’s suitable for such a worthy beneficiary is a smart move for retailers.

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