How to get last minute gift card sales?

How to get last-minute gift card sales

As a retailer or leading brand you know that the holiday season is a key time for gift card sales. Now is the time to promote, promote, promote!

How are things looking for you so far? Check-in your gift card purchase stats right now – not redemption – as this will hopefully spike up after the gifting period – and see how it looks.

If you feel this could be higher, now is the time to use social media, in-store signage, and email marketing to get the word out about your gift cards and, more likely, e-gift cards.

What marketing angles may work? Here are a choice few!
💡 ‘Who have you missed?” – A gift card is an ideal gift for someone like a teacher, cleaner or family friend they may see and need to treat. Remind people to look at who they haven’t remembered

💡 “One for them, one for you” – offer a gift card balance top-up for the giver and the gift for the recipient.

💡 “Guaranteed delivery for the big day”

💡 “Make your gift extra special…” Perhaps there are concerns what they have isn’t enough. A gift card can act as a security against this!

💡 Refunds / Redemption / Range – Try and hit these 3 core areas – where they can be redeemed and for how long, and how your rewards and returns work. This eliminates fear and worry – and helps them make that commitment!

Want more ideas? Speak to us about how to leverage the power of gift cards in the new year.

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