How to increase gift card sales through employee engagement?

Did you know that one of the best ways to increase retail gift card sales is through employee engagement? When employees are engaged and excited about selling gift cards, they are more likely to sell more cards. Here are some tips on how to engage your employees and encourage them to sell more gift cards…

👉 Give employees a bonus or commission for every gift card they sell. This will give them an incentive to sell more cards. One company who does this is Starbucks. They give their employees a $0.50 bonus for every gift card they sell. Make it a competition! See who can sell the most gift cards in a week or month and give prizes to the top sellers. This will create some friendly competition and get everyone selling more cards.

👉 Educate your employees on all the benefits to the customer of a gift card – and to the brand. Tell them about the uplift in sales and repeat business, and how the brand will gain greater reach through gift cards.

👉 Give employees a gift card! The best way is to let them experience using a gift card. They can then give their real life experience, and you’ve given a small staff perk they will remember.

👉 Give them some ‘kickstarter’ sentences to talk about gift cards with customers. These could be talking points about the benefits of gift cards, or even just some friendly conversation starters such as ‘who are you shopping for?’ or ‘looking for any specific occasion?’

👉 Encourage employees to upsell customers by offering a discount on the card if they spend a certain amount. This will help increase sales and encourage customers to come back.

👉 Make sure employees are aware of all the different types of gift cards you sell, when they expire and how they work. Do they know how they can be personalised? Do they have visuals of all the designs? This way they can make better recommendations to customers.

That’s not all! We have even more ideas for retail brands. Get in touch! 

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