Tap into the the employee reward market for unprecedented gift card reach

Rewards are big business. Disengaged employees cost billions in lost productivity and with employee motivation and satisfaction linked to tenure and productivity, businesses from SMEs to global companies want rewards that employees desire.

Gift cards fit the bill as a reward with tax benefits, ease of sourcing and flexibility in choice, and with the industry standard for effective employee recognition at about 1-2% of payroll, there’s a reason so many brands want a gift card that’s loved by businesses seeking employee rewards. 

Want to enter this lucrative market? 

There are a multitude of ways to get your gift card in front of ready to spend employees, and a wealth of platforms and providers do just this alone. But choosing the right firm to manage your gift card program is imperative, and that is where working with an expert partner pays dividends.

At RLC we will help you understand all the challenges and opportunities ahead, and what you need to do to break through to this area.

Worried about an antiquated technology system keeping you from implementing a stellar employee rewards solution, or not finding the right partnership due to a lack of industry knowledge? That’s just two examples of where we can help. 

So – ask us anything.

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