How to launch your digital gift card program?

Does your brand only have physical gift cards?

Do you know how beneficial the launch of digital gift cards is?


According to a recent survey, over 55% people prefer receiving digital gift cards instead of physical ones. This is the best time for your brand to launch them!

Why Digital Gifts Cards are more effective?

– More Sales: Offering digital gift card can make purchasing process more convenient, ultimately leading to higher sales

– Improve Customer Loyalty: The efficiency and cost effectiveness of digital gift cards can improve customer loyalty

– Faster: Digital gift cards can be sent and received instantly


Digital Gift Card sales are expected to grow by 25% by 2025. Do you want to take this opportunity to invest in the growth of your business?

Want to launch your digital gift card but not sure how to move forward with technology, partnerships, design and developing outstanding program?

Let’s hop on a call today!

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