How to start with gift cards when there is a low allocated budget?

Has your fast growing retail brand been greenlit to run a gift card programme? How can you test the waters and keep to a tight budget?

  • To keep costs low start with a digital card, run through a reputable but hands on system or your POS while you get a handle on the appetite in the market.
  • Create a small launch with campaigns targeting your loyal customer base or experiment with likely to buy consumers using lower cost methods such as Facebook Ads and email marketing. 
  • Start having exploratory discussions on how to enter the B2B market, without a long term commitment. 
  • Then, the fun bit! Go granular with matched audiences and A/B tested landing pages to open your audience and then look to scale the function of your programme – from how each card is delivered to tweaks to make your gift card programme shareable and even easier to purchase, before seeking other offline routes to sell. After that, you’ll have a good set of data and ROI reports to prove concept, add to your team, and start to do even more exciting campaigns! 

Looking for a go to market strategy that positions your gift card as best in class or advice on what budget you really need? 

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