If you aren’t sure your gift card programme will create ROI - Here are some ideas to help bring clarity

If you aren’t sure if a gift card programme will create real ROI – or if your CEO is asking questions – we’ve got some ideas to help bring clarity to the decision:

👉 See if you have a ready market waiting.
Tools like Ubersuggest will help you see search volumes for your brand name & ‘gift card’.
Are people already looking and coming up short?

👉 Ask your current customers if they would use or gift your cards.
Add a pop up to your site, or add to your email campaigns or social channels to canvas opinion. A programme you release on the back of this could pivot into a ‘you asked – we provided’ marketing angle for your brand.

👉 Speak to experts (we are here to help!) to see if there has been industry talk around needing a gift card from your niche in the B2B space.
This could open up your brand to thousands of ready to spend customers.

👉 Do the math.
Gift cards have an overspend known as redemption uplift where people using one spend up to £15 more per transaction. Analyse your typical average spend per customer to calculate a potential return. Also, consider that 5 – 10% of gift cards aren’t ever redeemed – offering pure profit for the retailer.

If you’d like a detailed analysis of how gift cards could work for your brand, speak to our team today.

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