Powering innovation in the gift cards industry!

2019 was an exciting year for RL Consulting; we helped brands to develop innovative projects all across Europe, guided by our belief that the #giftcards industry will continue to grow stronger through expert collaboration. In that spirit, we continued to connect the biggest and brightest brands with the most creative and pioneering partners, and were particularly proud to have supported a special festive project for Carrefour Belgium, one of the largest retailers in Europe. The last UKGCVA survey highlighted the fact that clients are craving personalisation when they purchase a gift card: “59% of gift card buyers would like the possibility to personalise their card with a photo or a video”. To take advantage of this, RL Consulting identified a perfect opportunity for Carrefour, by partnering them with a technology startup and merging the two companies’ expertise. In the run-up to Christmas, any customer at a Carrefour Belgium was able to add a completely personal video message to any gift card they purchased, creating a truly unique gifting experience in the most inimitable shopping period. We are looking forward to developing even more innovative projects like these in 2020! Get in touch if you are ready to create a one-of-a-kind experience for your customers too.

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