We do not have an internal gift card team - how do we get started?

Even some of the big global brands we’ve worked with don’t have a dedicated in house gift card team – despite their programme accounting for millions of transactions a year! The secret is in the set up. 

If you’re a fast paced brand putting off pivoting your gift card strategy or even delaying a launch due to personnel worries, park them here. All you really need is a realistic management plan, the right introductions and beneficial partnerships in place.

Management doesn’t have to be done from your HQ, or even your geographic location. With a huge wealth of gift card suppliers and service providers worldwide, you could have a programme running and delivering huge ROI without ever physically touching a gift card.  

Strange isn’t it?!

The first step to all that is, of course, taking guidance on where to begin. 

Partnering with a consultancy that’s helped brands just like you is the key to having sight of what’s ahead before you jump in, and eventually, breaking into new territories and markets with your gift card. We’ll take your employment plans into account, and deliver a realistic plan of action you can decide whether to progress with. 

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