It’s time to stand out!

No one likes to be treated as part of the crowd. Gift cards that offer flexibility in their personalization can be used to dynamically target different sectors, demographics and age groups are trending – and it’s time to jump on board. 

In an age when the high street is fading fast as a place to shop, many retailers are using their gift cards as a new asset to turn everyday shopping into experiences.

A recent Blackhawk Network study showed 79% of respondents wanted the ability to personalize a gift card. The most popular options for personalization were the ability to add a gift message, add a greetings card and customized imagery. If you’re still selling on one channel, or haven’t integrated gift cards into how you sell, you’re missing out. 

Here’s some inspiration. 

  • Asda in the UK have allowed shoppers to use a kiosk to take a selfie or upload a photo, to create a background design and personalize their gift cards.  
  • Tesco have also offered digital ‘unwrapping’ animations and personalized messages with gifts positioned as experiences such as “the big night in” or to “have lunch on me”.
  • Even physical goods are leaning on the gift card experience. Cadbury’s have launched new ‘personal touch’ gift card boxes where users can personalize a message on their chocolate gifts. 

Choosing the right firm to manage your gift card program is imperative, and that is where hiring the team at RLC is the best plan. We can guide you in every area, from partnerships and tech to delivery and ongoing adaptation. 

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