How to launch and implement a successful gift card program?

Gift cards for your retail brand, known as Closed Loop Gift Cards – are a great way to earn extra value from each customer – and you might have seen them on sale everywhere, especially at this time of year. You may be wondering how you can get your brand on the shelves of your local supermarket too? 


The first option is getting a gift card, and this isn’t just about the card itself. For most retailers, it starts with speaking to your credit card transaction processor who may be able to add this service, or a 3rd party about how the card will work, process funds and be used. 


Then there are fees to negotiate, especially if your card is going to be sold on other premises other than your own site or store – but even if you stock in your shops alone, there are considerations for display and stock to consider. After these hurdles comes the launch – the fun part! You’ll be in a position to roll out your program with marketing support – most retailers use online and offline channels – and to work with your gift card vendor / partner to track interesting data points, such as where the best sales come from, what designs work, and what spikes and peaks in footfall does to your program! 


The world of gift cards is complex without the right support to open the right doors. That’s where we can help. We’ll help you choose the right system, ensure you have software and partners for each stage of the journey and help you negotiate the fees involved. 


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