Last minute Gift Card related Christmas campaign ideas

The biggest holiday of the year, Christmas, is right around the corner.

Do you not have a Christmas sales campaign yet? Need some last minute campaign ideas? You can use Gift cards to boost your Christmas sales.

Here are some last minute campaign ideas for this Christmas:

  • Email Campaigns: Tons of people forget to buy a Christmas present and are in dire need for a last minute gift. Gift cards are a perfect solution. Create an eye catchy email template and with some clever marketing tactics push your gift cards to your customers via email. You will certainly see your sales rising.
  • Optimize Customer Journey: This one might be harder to achieve last minute but it is certainly not impossible. Make sure that it is easy to find gift cards on your website or mobile app. Add a banner on the homepage or add a button that is clearly visible to the customer.
  • Get creative: Offering customized gift cards are a great way to show your customers that you care for them. So this Christmas season, give your customers more gift card designs to choose from. Don’t be afraid to innovate.
  • Give a Gift: Brands should always reward their customers. This is one way of building loyalty. Offer your customers a gift card for a certain amount of purchase they make at your store. This will make them feel valued and come back.

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Are you confused how you are going to make all this happen? Don’t you worry, RLC can help.

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