Make Father's Day a day of gifting with your gift card

When you think of Father’s Day, what comes to mind? Fishing? Beers? Spending time together? When it comes to picking gifts, you’ll have noticed that most ‘Father’s Day’ merchandise covers hobbies and passions – but there comes a point when you simply can’t buy any more gadgets and gizmos. Your customers feel the same and are desperate to get something Dad will like. Enter your gift card. We work with major retail brands helping them position their gift card as something special for occasions just like Father’s Day. Here’s how to do it. 

  • Show customers what Father’s Day feels like with a gift card


One of the criticisms of a gift card is that it is impersonal. But as we have already covered – the alternative is often a lacklustre present. It’s time to switch the narrative and make the gift card come to life as something that can be used on anything. We encourage retailers to really make the most of their advertising., the git card packaging and design itself as to its value. What can it be spent on? How will this make the recipient feel? These are all key ideas for your next advertising campaign around gift cards. 

  • Are customers aware of how flexible your cards are? 


Your gift card programme will offer a range of benefits – it might have great expiry dates, it might work online and instore – it might be a card that can be topped up or spent at your sister businesses. Whatever the asset – are you shouting about it enough? 

  • Could you offer a kick back? 


When it came to Motehr’s Day, Amazon knew that a sweetener was in order. That’s why they ran a deal where Prime members who purchased Amazon eGift cards valued at $50 or more received a free $5 Amazon promotional code. This was a small offer but when teamed with their specific occasion designs, made the gift card appear a no brainer. Don’t forget that not all customers may have purchased a gift card before. A small incentive that coaxes that sale over the line is all you need. 

  • Are you reaching the real decision-makers? 


When it comes to your advertising, don’t forget that sometimes it isn’t the children of dad who are coming up with the ideas of what to do, but the mums and wives! If you are running targeted adverts, consider broadening who your adverts are aimed at, for another way to pick up extra sales. 


We have plenty more ways to make your brand a natural choice for all occasions and events. As an expert 360 agency that does all things gift card, we can ensure you are seen and selected by businesses and consumers alike. 


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