Our Favorite Mother's Day Gift Card Initiatives of 2021

Over the years, important events such as Mother’s Day have often come hand-in-hand with great stress, as customers struggle to find the perfect gift. In 2021, this remains the case, particularly as stores in many European countries continue to keep their doors closed due to the pandemic.

In the face of the obstacles encountered by shoppers today, gift cards are a great way to reduce customers’ buying stress and gift thoughtfully to their loved ones. Not to mention being a great choice for brands as the perfect customer acquisition tool and an excellent way to boost extra revenue, with customers spending an average of 70% more than the face value on the card.

As Mother’s Day rolls around for many countries around the world, we’ve been keeping an eager eye on the Retail industry to see which brands have understood the importance of utilising their gift cards to bring in extra sales at the time of special events. Here are some of the brands we think totally nailed it this year:

  1. Sephora

Clear messaging

“The idea that will always make you happy!”

Not only have Sephora worked on a dedicated Mother’s Day design, they’ve also made their messaging clear, to inform and persuade the customer that gift cards are the right choice.

2. Starbucks

Never forget another event

Starbucks has one of the most impressive gift card strategies in the game, so it comes as no surprise that their Mother’s Day campaign remains impressive. 

Coffee is part of a routine for millions of people – Starbucks is making an impact in a person’s daily routine by offering customizable gift cards. They are very adaptable. 

As soon as the customer lands on Starbucks’ gift card page, this array of Mother’s Day designs is the first thing they see, serving as an instant reminder that this important events is just around the corner. The designs offered for this event are also nicely varied – from the traditional flower motiv to humour with “Mom’s favourite”.

3. Zalando

Making gift cards personal.

Zalando has nailed it again.

Sticking with their strategy of putting control in the customer’s hands, Zalando allows the customer to customise and digitalise their gift cards. The customer is able to choose from a range of designs and edit the text however they want. By offering inspiration on how best to personalise the message, Zalando makes it easy for even the least creative of gifters, taking away the last of the Mother’s Day gifting stress.

4. Flightgift

A picture says a thousand words

Not only does Flightgift offer a wide range of designs specially for Mother’s Day, reminding shoppers of this important event, but they also offer customers the option to add their own photo. With the pandemic making it difficult to imagine when or how our next vacation will be, Flightgift’s personalisation features make it possible for customers to paint their own picture of where the gift will take the lucky recipient.

5. Happy Card

The gift of choice

Happy even takes away the hassle of finding a Mother’s Day gift card for the right brand. They have made multi-choice cards with brands that moms are likely to enjoy. From spa and beauty experiences, to retail and dining, this varied selection is almost guaranteed to make a mother happy, making things easier for both the sender and recipient.

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