Our Takeaways from IMA Europe Amsterdam Meet 2022

Last week our team (RocíoSarah and Jagrit) attended the IMA Europe Amsterdam Meet.

The event had a great lineup of speakers and panelists. All the sessions were very insightful and some great discussions were held in the panels.

These are some of the major highlights and takeaways for us:

  • Some great ideas were shared at the Innovation Showcase. Shoutout to Your Gin for winning the showcase. Very well deserved!
  • André Moen from Intersolve shared some unique and creative applications of Gift Card. For example an ice cream gift card or a city gift card which can be used at various stages of your trip.
  • Rik Luttmer from Loyalty Chiefs took us down the memory lane, sharing the past, present and future of Loyalty Programs with some great insight about the Benelux market.
  • According to a research, the combined Gift Card market size of Benelux is $3.9 billion and is growing at an yearly average rate of 6.2%.
  • Gift cards are and remain a popular gift to give and to receive.
  • Cryptocurrency is starting to be integrated into the Gift Card space. Tom Dobbels from Azteco shared their business model and how they are offering a Bitcoin gift card.
  • The event was concluded with a great panel session with Soren Hoj ThomsenBart MathieuAlex SchadeJulie Barbier-LeblanLiz CrowMark Gregg, moderated by Andrew Johnson. They discussed how API is the future for Gift Cards and is very efficient and easy to use. The importance of sharing data between retailers and suppliers was also discussed and how both the sides need to be a bit more open with sharing information.

Thank you to all the speakers and panelists for sharing their experiences and knowledge.

Cannot wait for London!

Did not get a chance to meet our team in Amsterdam? No worries, write us an email and we will schedule a call: info@rlc-solutions.com

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