Resolutions for a better gift card program in 2023

If you have not already set some resolutions for your Gift Card Program in 2023, check out out some resolutions that you can make below:

  1. Keep your gift card program top of mind all year round, not just during the holidays.

    We like to help brands make the most of their seasonal spikes, yet we have noticed that the companies who put a consistent, ongoing focus on their marketing and gift card campaigns do better. 


    With a gift card mindset throughout the year – both with B2B and consumer – these brands are far more likely to have a better seasonal spike than those who do nothing but add even more budget into just a few months of hard pushing. The lesson is to dedicate a whole year to gift card success, little and often. 


  2. Use in-store signage to promote your gift cards.

    Every country has their unique approach to sales and marketing, but when we recently went to New York, we were bowled over by the size of the gift card malls. A typical gift card display in a US mall is 3 – 4 times that of the space in some European countries, and when it comes to in-store displays, a huge amount of real estate is dedicated to gift cards. We always like to take a walk around stores. A trip to the UK saw us head into four major retailers and found that gift cards were tucked away, miles from the till. Gift cards do well when they can become an impulse purchases, but simple positioning can prevent this.


    One of the main principles of a store layout is always to have your tills in the busiest part of the store so that people have to walk past them to exit. This should mean that more people will see and buy your products. So why are gift cards often placed the furthest away from tills?


  3. Get creative with your packaging.

    Walking around supermarkets, we often notice that our favourite yoghurt, cereal or soup has had a slight packaging tweak. Yet when it comes to gift card programmes, the humble physical card, which should be as much of a product as any other item you sell – is often left wearing the same look as it had the last three years! While bringing in seasonal ranges is nice, remember that consumers may not even see them. You are competing against several other competitors at this time. Instead, release a new stylish range in the summer or Spring. Team up with an artist, cause or concept that resonates with your brand and what you stand for.


    If you want to look into sustainable options, now is the perfect time. We are here to help if you want guidance and advice on this!


  4. Make gift cards a core part of your social strategy.

    Many brands are now showing the versatility of gift cards through social media- and also using influencers. When we step out of the festive and peak periods, it’s no longer about a last-minute purchase but rather making the card part of an experience or lifestyle.


    For example, an influencer may show how they use the card to add value to their lives or as a way to gift through the year. If influencers are outside your strategy, check the basics are all in hand.


    Add a Purchase Gift Card button to your Facebook Page, or set up a custom Messenger greeting that lets people know they can support your business by purchasing a gift card.


We are here to help you uncover every single trick for a brilliant 2023. 

Speak to us today! 

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