Start thinking about your Christmas Gift Card Campaigns now!

In the midst of the summer holidays the phrase “Christmas in July or Christmas in August” may seem out of place – but as you will no doubt know, it is only a few months until we will be celebrating its arrival again! Here’s why and how to get started before the big day. That’s why it’s essential for retailers and brands to start planning ahead.

The saying goes, “Those that fail to plan, plan to fail.” Approaching the Christmas season without a well-thought-out gift card campaign is unlikely to yield fruitful results. Now is the time to begin strategizing and preparing for your Christmas marketing campaign over the next couple of months.

So, what is your brand going to do this year? To help, here’s a few ideas you can start implementing from now to Christmas for Gift Card sales.


How will your seasonal designs look? Christmas-themed packaging is all about festive cheer, but now is the time to research the designs that will go down well, the colors to use, what details and info to add. Get the team galvanized. 

Launch a social media campaign highlighting the benefits and versatility of your gift cards.

Offer a limited-time promotion, such as a bonus gift card with a certain purchase threshold.

Collaborate with local influencers or bloggers to create content featuring your gift cards.


Create engaging visual content for your website and social media platforms, showcasing different gift card designs and themes.

Start planning your marketing to existing gift card customers. Studies show that it’s 67% easier to convince a customer to buy from you again than to attract a first-time buyer. If you have been able to get customers buying gift cards, now is a ripe time to warm up that email database so you remind them why they purchased – so they do it again! 

Run targeted online ads emphasizing the convenience and flexibility of gift card giving.


Introduce a customer referral program, rewarding customers who refer others to purchase gift cards.


Sneak peak your Winter designs to your customers. 

Launch a dedicated landing page on your website highlighting various gift card options and their benefits


Add a pop up to your site to promote gift cards for Cyber Monday

Send targeted email campaigns to segmented customer lists, emphasizing the convenience of gift cards 

Launch a “Gift Card Giveaway” campaign on social media, encouraging followers to share their favorite gifting experiences for a chance to win a gift card, ensuring everyone knows you have a gift card! 


Implement a last-minute gift card campaign, targeting procrastinating shoppers with time-limited offers and expedited delivery options.

Want a personalized timeline that is more aligned to your company goals? Reach out today and let’s discuss how you can run a successful gift card campaign this year!

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