Strategies for success: Using a gift card calendar

We often hear leading retailers ask us ‘when is the best time for a gift card outside of Christmas?’. Our answer is usually – ‘when you promote it!’

Consumers love choice – until it becomes overwhelming. Report on trends found that 64% of consumers say they always or occasionally feel overwhelmed by choice, and a recent consumer report discovered that already 54% of consumers experience so much frustration that they abandon e-commerce sites if they can’t choose. 

Gift cards offer an easy choice to make as consumers, yet when we try and sell, we often sway towards giving too many options, or prescribing what we believe works best. Take Valentine’s Day. Whatever you sell, you’ll have an idea of the products that might move well at this period. But is offering an easy option in the form of a gift card additionally or instead of your own stock actually a smarter move? A 2020 study of over 2000 people showed that 20% of women and 17% of men would give a gift card – beating wine, fragrances and trips out. (Source)


We think it’s well worth looking at.

That’s why we think offering a gift card calendar to refer back to can keep your campaigns fresh. Whether you decide to add your gift cards into the mix of your social, email or paid promotions, or go all in by offering gift cards instead of your usual offering, it’s a great thing to come back to. 


Below we’ve put a few sample events in. Don’t just look at these as ways to run simply a social media message – think about how you can do a deep integration with email, paid advertising and optimized web pages to give your gift cards the best chance of success! 



  • 1st January – New Year’s Day

  • 1st – 31st January – Dry January

  • 17th January – Blue Monday



  • 1st February – Chinese New Year (Year of the Tiger)

  • 1st – 28th February – LGBT History Month

  • 13th February – Superbowl Sunday 

  • 17th February – Random Act of Kindness Day

  • 20th February – Love Your Pet Day



  • 1st March – Shrove Tuesday

  • 1st  March – St David’s Day

  • 1st March – Pancake Day

  • 2nd March – Ash Wednesday

  • 3rd March – World Book Day

  • 8th March – International Women’s Day

  • 13th March – BAFTA’s

  • 17th March – St Patrick’s Day

  • 20th March – First Day of Spring

  • 27th March – Mother’s Day (UK)

  • 27th March – BST starts



  • 1st  April – April Fool’s Day

  • 3rd April – Ramadan Start

  • 15th April – Good Friday

  • 17th April – Easter Sunday

  • 18th April – Easter Monday

  • 22nd April – Earth Day

  • 23rd April – St George’s Day



  • 1st May – End of Ramadan

  • 1st May – Labor Day (UK)

  • 2nd May – Early May Bank Holiday

  • 8th May – Mother’s Day (USA)

  • 31st May – Spring Bank Holiday



  • 1st June – Global Day of Parents

  • 1st June – 30th – Pride Month

  • 2nd June – Spring Bank Holiday

  • 3rd June – Platinum Jubilee Bank Holiday

  • 19th June – Father’s Day

  • 21st June – Summer Solstice

  • 21st June – Beginning of Summer

  • 25th June – Midsummer’s Day

  • 27th June – Wimbledon Starts (ends 10th July)



  • 4th July – American Independence Day

  • 17th July – World Emoji Day

  • 25th July – School Holidays (differs per school)

  • 26th July – Back to School (ends early September)

  • 30th July – Islamic New Year

  • 30th July – International Day of Friendship



  • 1st August – Summer Bank Holiday (Scotland)

  • 29th August – Summer Bank Holiday



  • 1st September – Autumn Begins

  • 5th September – Back to School (differs per school)

  • 6th September – Labor Day (US)

  • 27th September – World Tourism Day



  • 10th October – World Mental Health Day

  • 16th October – World Food Day

  • 30th October – BST ends

  • 31st October – Halloween



  • 5th November – Guy Fawkes ‘Bonfire Night’ 

  • 11th November – Remembrance Day / Veterans Day (USA)

  • 13th November – Remembrance Sunday

  • 25th November – Black Friday

  • 26th November – Small Business Saturday 

  • 28th November – Cyber Monday

  • 29th November – Giving Tuesday 



  • 21st December – Winter Solstice

  • 25th December – Christmas Day

  • 26th December – Boxing Day

  • 28th December – Bank Holiday

  • 31st December – New Year’s Eve

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