Untapped sales channels for your gift cards

Are you missing out on sales channels for your gift card programme? Working for a brand is never simple- and taking the time out to create those connections to enhance your programme can feel like dead time – but believe us – it never is!

Here are our tips on ways to find new untapped sales channels.

  • Meet more people virtually. From processors to agencies such as RLC who can support you – connect on LinkedIn. You’ll get ideas of what other brands are doing.
  • Tap into affiliate networks. You might already work with big affiliate networks, but did you know that gift card programmes are also on there? Brands like American Express are offering 10% commission on a range of gift card values. You’ll have to balance the financials – and we are here to help! – but this could be a great way to get volume and build brand awareness.
  • Gift card relationships can be seen as transactional. To get an additional emotional anchor and a strong brand presence you need to focus marketing budget across spaces – and this often means infiltrating the B2B and rewards market. This is a seriously important area and underestimated in terms of reach.

Speak to us if you would like to get ahead and get into these untapped channels!

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