What will the future of gift cards look like?

With an unexpected stay of the pandemic in 2021, #giftcard industry did not see the growth that was anticipated. But the surveys show that 2022 is going to be a great year for the industry.

There has been a shift in the way gift cards are given:

👉 Adoption #Behavior: Gift cards have been a critical method of gift giving. The #industry sees the most #sales during the holiday season for years. The popularity of gift cards is lead by two generations: #Millennials and #GenZ. One in three millennials (33.3%) and a quarter of Generation Z (27%) have become a regular customer of a new #brand from gift cards they’ve been gifted, and 65% of #boomers say they love gift cards.

👉 Convenience: There is no argument here when it is said that #digital gift cards are more preferred choice over physical gift cards. Due to supply chain issues, gift cards are not in stock, or recipients lose the card or forget about it. Whereas digital gift cards has made buying, loading, sending and redeeming easier for the user.

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