When it comes to gift card packaging - think outside the box

Gift card packaging gives you the opportunity to make a memorable brand moment. Are you missing your opportunity?

Don’t stop at just ‘okay’ packaging. Here’s why.

1. You could create an incredible first impression. Remember the anticipation you had as a child at Christmas, seeing the beautifully wrapped gifts? The initial appearance adds its own value to the gift card as an experience.

2. It shows your values. Having great packaging around your gift card shows that you put some thought into every area – and that you look after your customer. It suggests redemption will be slick, smooth and effortless.

3. Get remembered – get talked about. Great packaging is remembered, and creates loyalty. When they need a gift to present – they’ll remember their own experience. And of course, each loyal customer brings new customers as advocates of your brand.

Ready for your turn to create amazing experiences? Reach out today and improve your customer experience!

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